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 Welcome to T.C.S.    Airsoft / Paintball  & Car Audio / Fireworks  
          Were open 7 days a wk year round and most Holidays
                  272 Main st Woonsocket Rhode Island  02895
                                 2017 Business Hours
                           Mon-Thursday     11am - 5pm
                           Fridays                 11am - 7pm
                           Saturday              10am - 5pm
                           Sunday                 10am - 1pm
Rhode Island  Airsoft   Paintball  and Fireworks  Store  Open 7 days a week all year long
    Call on us for all your Airsoft & Paintball and Fireworks needs Visit our store today In Rhode Island
Where Open 7 Days a week year round and most holidays also Largest selection of Fireworks In 100 Miles
We are the only Firework Store / Shop In Rhode Island
Thats open all Year Long not only that we also offer the largest
Selection with in 100 Miles 100s of Firework Items in stock

No Buy one get one free SCAMS Here we give you the best price Right
from the start so come on down for all you Firework Needs
Many types of Fountains & 500 Grams Fountains as well
Sparkler's all sizes / Colors Many Smoke items & Novelties  
Tons of Assortments also $5.00 to $200.00 if we don't have it
Thens its not Legal In Rhode Island to sell

      No one in Rhode Island carries More labels then we do !
        We have 100s of items you will only find here fact!
2018 we hope to out do 2017 with 2 new firework company's coming in.
      Last year we top off at 300 plus Items 2018 Gaul 500 Plus
                                   News  about 2018 Fireworks
Well if you been coming to our store in the past you no each year our Firework
  Selection has grown every year we had over 300 Item In 2017 all RI Legal
2018 Season where pulling out all the stops we been working all winter long
To bring in some brand new Brand no one has these items on the east coat.
       We will be working in the months to come to get the Store ready
                                     It's going to me off the scale !
   We should top off at about 500 Items you can ad all the others Firework
         Stores together and still would come up short to what we carry
We will be updating our web pages with new Product's In the weeks to come.
                          Facts about Us and our Firework Business  
 We our RI First Firework store and the only store open 7days a week all Year!
                    We have the largest selection with in 100 miles fact !
I have been in Firework sale Business  for over 30 yrs now I hand pick all are items
       When you come to are store and ask a Question about and Product
Are staff is well informed of all the Fireworks we sell no sure what you need
Just tell us what your needs are and we will walk around with you and help you
       Get your display together to make it the best you can for your budget
     We have over 50 Dollar items and Assortments from $3.99 to $199.00
 You Truly Will Get More Bang For Your Buck With US !!!
                                 Announcement March 17
We are Proud to ad Dynomite Firework to our Family I believe are customers will very much enjoy there Unique items they offer.
             They offer fair prices that we will pass unto on Customers and like us there also Family Owned Businesses
   Our first order from them should hit are doors sometime the week of March 20th if the weather holds out will update asap!
             Will update soon with the other New line where bringing in still talking to a couple business will pick one Soon.