Spinners are also known as ground spinners. These fireworks spin, change colors are Items do not fly in the air.
                                        Definitely a lot of excitement for the money
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A superb ground novelty, Night Spy starts
off with a silver strobe, moves to a beautiful
color spray, then finishes off with a 3-color
changing spinner. 4 pieces per box, 72
boxes per case
A lot of fun for a little piece, Crackling
Ground Bloom Flowers emit a great
crackling effect whilst spinning with red and
green to resemble a flower.
Ground Bloom Flowers
Spins on a smooth surface and
produces a pretty red and green
flower. Comes 20 bricks to a case.
Each brick contains 12 packs, each
pack contains 6 pieces.
King of Spin
A great ground spinner that brings
fireworks action to your driveway.
Spins on the ground with yellow
flame and a loud whistle, then ends
with a concentrated burst of crackle.
#1 Seller Jumping Jacks
They look like firecrackers in the
pack, but they do not explode.
Jumping Jacks make a pretty flower
effect and "jump" around on the
ground. 24 packs of 12 pieces in
each brick.
Crater Cruiser whistles
back-and-forth with sparks and color
torch. Next, the top spins with red
flames, red stars, green stars, and
Ninja Stars Shuriken
These ninja stars spin with a ground
display of sparks and a loud three-stage
whistle before throwing out color crackle
stars. Our largest spinning novelty.
Dizzy Bees (Ground Spinner &
These bees spin at a high velocity
before stinging with a loud crackling
Lotus Lantern
A great spinning novelty that burns
with a green flare leaf base and a
red flare flower.
spins rapidly in a shower of silver
swirling flowers and flames out with a
bright strobe effect
Spinning Firefly
A great ground spinner that goes above
and beyond with titanium flower to red,
green and yellow spinner. Ends with
loud crackling.
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Largest selection of Spinners In Rhode Island