These are small fireworks devices with limited amounts of pyrotechnic material. Some items are not considered fireworks at all.
A lot of novelties are some of the most fun and
interesting of all fireworks items. These are great kids and Adults alike fireworks.
Formula Racer
Start your engines! This race car speeds
along the ground
leaving a sparkling spray behind
as it heads for the checkered flag.
                    Asst. Color Snake
       Hsst! These assorted color snakes
         are now available in magic black,
         fun and magic colored and more
Kids snappers
Tanks w/ Stars
Climbing Panda
                                                   Crackling Balls One of our Best Sellers
A great family friendly item. This popular item comes in packs of six. Each device emits showers of sparks   
and some of the loudest and best crackle ever seen in the consumer fireworks industry. A very impressive   
                                         performance duration of over 20 seconds per unit.
Jumbo Crackling Balls One of our Best Sellers
A super-sized version of this American classic. Newly re-designed product now delivers over 30 seconds of
constant silver crackle and sparks. By far some of the loudest and best crackle available in the fireworks
market today. Better performance, but still offered at a great pricet.
Flashine Singal
A long time favorite of many. This item is a noiseless flashing strobe
that lasts nearly 20 seconds each. Newly re-designed package
includes a great looking display box. Each box contains an
assortment of six bright-flashing strobes. A must carry item for the
This is modeled after the rovers that we have put on the moon and Mars.
It fires it motors moving it to and fro and finishes with grand display of
colorful sparks.
Night Spy
A superb ground novelty, Night Spy starts off with a silver strobe,
moves to a beautiful color spray, then finishes off with a
changing 3-color spinner. 4 pieces per box
Mother Goose

A great novelty that kids are sure to enjoy. Place it on pavement,
light the fuse,  and watch it go! A classic item with an updated look.
                                                               Rapid Eye Movement
 This one will make your head spin! Starts off by whirling round and round in a shower of sparks then lets
                        loose with a blast of crackle that is sure to wake you up. A real eye opener!
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